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Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing School


Sound Healing

Certification Program & Distance Learning Option


Programs Available:

Advanced Certification Process is a step-by-step process. It includes a series of  online videos and accompanying material that represent 4 live hands on workshops. Each workshop introduces increasingly advanced levels of training. This permits students to learn the material at their own pace without the added expense incurred by travel, but we do negotiate a time-frame for completion of work.  The videos can be viewed repeatedly to thoroughly integrate the material. You will explore the extraordinary world of the Tibetan bowl family of instruments, their harmonics and learn to conduct sound healing sessions. The Certification Course demands substantial time and practice, just as if you were in a hands- on class. You will be required to do the same practice sessions, logs, readings as on site students plus make a few videos so I can see your work and provide feedbackduring our personal mentoring sessions.  But you will be a well trained sound healing practitioner when you finish and be part of our referral network. 

If this is too rigorous for you, CLICK HERE to see the Non- Certification section.

Please read carefully. This process takes time and dedication. We train you to be effective healing practitioners. There is a lot to learn and do and you need to devote the time to the work that it and you deserve:. Upon Completion students will receive a certificate and be placed on our directory for referrals.

Certification Requirements: $450 for the hands-on Intro workshop. See below for Distance option prices. . Students must complete the work in each section to progress to the next.

1. Completion of the Home Study Course ( Workshop Edition of Ancient Sounds for a New Age ebook) is the prerequisite for all workshops. During the home study students keep a simple log of observations and practice sessions to be handed in.

2.Completion of Introductory Workshop onsite.(June, October or Jan), Distance program also available for those who cannot attend in person but attending the on-site workshop will greatly help with the advanced work.

3 Completion of the Three Advanced Workshop levels via video,handouts, mentoring sessions and final Assessment ( the student conducts a full sound healing session in the presence of a teacher onsite or via video)

4 Successful completion of required 200 hour practice sessions, logs, reading & reports are submitted according to the negotiated time frame. Breakdown of 200 session :25 practice sessions required between each workshop (100 sessions) . Forty-five classroom hours are counted as part of the 200 hours. There are 55 sessions due after the last set of Advanced logs that will make up the balance of the 200 sessions. These last sessions invite students to integrate all the elements learned during the course and prepare to open their business. A VIDEO OF A SESSSION IS REQUIRED AFTER EACH LEVEL COMPLETED SO YOUR WORK CAN BE ASSESSED AS YOU GO ALONG.

5 Six Ebooks from the list provided: ( FYI most of the ebooks are included in the updated Ancient Sounds book) These include a variety of subjects related to the sound healing work and can be done anytime during the course. Students will write a few paragraphs on what they learned for each.

6 There are three required books to read. A simple written narrative is on each is handed in with logs. One is the Workshop Edition of Ancient Sounds home study ebook.

7 Mentoring Sessions: Four private phone mentoring sessions with Diane between workshops to review student logs and discuss any issues that come up during thier practice sessions are included for Certification students.

Detailed Description of Steps:

Workshop edition -Home Study Course, Ancient Sounds for a New Age eBook

This prerequisite course contains an ebook,an online dvd and MP3.. Students take a few months to work through the instructional material and keep a log of their practice sessions to bring to the Intro workshop.

Three Day Introductory Workshop

(18 hours) offered in the San Diego, CA. area three times a year (January & June & October ). All workshop participants will have completed the home study course documented simple practice sessions to qualify for the hands-on workshop. The workshop will build on the information provided in the home study course and introduce Basic Energy and Meditation Techniques. Upon completion of the workshop students will have conducted one introductory level healing session composed of Tingsha diagnosis, Ganta & Dorje energy simulation and an eleven bowl matrix layout.

"While I had watched the DVD on several occasions, it was through the hands on weekend workshop that I could really begin to experience and appreciate the subtleties of striking the bowls around the head region in a softer and gentle manner, learn the importance of working with breath in sustained singing of a bowl, and become aware of the tingshaw nuances and the intricacies of the ganta. The workshop allows for all of this and so much more and is a very worthwhile endeavor to gaining mastery in the use of the instruments for sound healing."

-Kathy- BC


"I just wanted to express how phenomenal your beginning weekend workshop was. I had bought and studied with the home course, but getting to work hands-on with the bowls, tingshaws, ganta & dorje with your mentoring was so valuable. There are so many subtleties to learn to really be able to know and understand the instruments and this can only be achieved by learning first-hand by a qualified instructor willing to share their knowledge. What a blessing that I have found that in you!


I left the workshop feeling like I had such a better knowledge of the sacred instruments and their usage. There is no substitution to being able to work on other students in groups and with partners in an environment of learning. Now, I feel that I can use my knowledge gained this weekend and partner that with the home study course to practice with confidence. I look forward to continuing my education at the Tibetan Bowl School."

-Tanya, CA


Advanced Workshops 1-3: Each workshop builds on the information of the previous one.

"The class was wonderful! I loved it and got so much out of it. The material was exactly what I needed -- the next level of complexity to begin to wrap myself around.. to experience its unfolding. Very exciting! And very inspiring. A wonderful group of people, too. And I loved the way you and Richard worked together -- very comfortable. It added a lot to have both perspectives and to witness such a lovely easy working relationship."

-Susan CA



ADVANCED l 1: 15 hours
Advanced Bowl configurations, usage and patterning on the back( Governing & Conceptual Vessle)
Advanced Tingsha and Ganta/Vajra techniques
Using the Vajra to channel prana
Governing & Conceptual Vessel Layout with Sacred geometry matrix patterning
Energetic/ Elemental Pathways training
Understanding & Working with the lower chakras energies

Identifing the Core Issues to create Intention,

Creating ownership via work and visualizations

ADVANCED LEVEL 2: 15 hours
Bowl configurations, usage and patterning -( Stage Yoga protocol)
Ganta energy stimulation 2
Vajra prana channeling 2
Tingsha energy practice 2

Stage Yoga front and back layout
Working with & understanding the upper chakras energies
Intuition skill building and the use of Advanced Visualizations

Continuation of Bowl, Ganta, Vajra & Tingsha practices
Further explanation into the 'Eightfold path of healing'

Heart Drops and Mind Drops Layouts
Introduction to the use of Toning, Color, Pendullum & Gemstones within sessions
Integration with other healing modalities
Building a healing practice

Assessment : Each student will conduct a full sound healing session ( in person or via video) to be assessed by Diane Mandle. Sessions will include a foundational "Anatomy of a Session" layout with visualizations and elemental work included.

Within each workshop a large number of ancient Himalayan Singing Bowls, Tingshas and Ganta/Vajras are provided for use and or purchase.

Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing Provides:



SEGMENTS: $15 for the Introductory Home Study E course and $350.00 per segment (Intro plus Advanced 1-3) This cost takes into account Diane’s review and feedback of your logs & videos plus the mentoring hour long sessionsat the end of each segment.  Upon Finishing the Distance course, graduates will be awarded a Certificate of Completion from Sound Energy Healing and Sacred Sound Workshops..

INSTRUMENT COSTS: depend on what you might already have and your goals. In general you will need a good set of tingshas, ($65) a sets of ganta/dorjes ($45-$110) )and 9-11 singing bowls.(Some people want to be full sound healing practitioners, others want only to introduce some sound into a practice they already have ( ie massage etc). To begin you can certainly work with a minimum of 5 bowls by moving them around but that is not ideal and you can build your collection over time. (We provide highest quality, CERTIFIED ANCIENT bowls to our students and help you to select those needed for the layouts we teach).. If you intend to take this course, please do NOT to go and purchase bowls without first contacting me to make sure your instruments will work for the material we teach.

In order to qualify for the Distance Certification Course, please complete an eligibility questionnaire. To Register, go to Registration page.
Name                                                                           Age
Email                             Phone #                                               SKYPE name

What is your background in healing work?

Why do you want to take this course?

What are your expectations?

How well do you work on your own?

What else should I know about you?


Distance Learning - Non-Certification:

This self-guided option allows students to advance their knowledge and skill on their own but with no formal supervision or feedback. . Completion of the practice sessions, course assignments  and logs is  advised but not required. No Certification of Completion will be issued.

Students may purchase the Instructional Materials as they go along from one segment to the next which includes:

Ancient Sounds for a New Age Ebook Home Study Course
Links to each of 4 Downloadable Workshop Videos (Intro, Advanced 1,2,3)
Workshop handouts.
Ebooks containing focused information and illustrations on a variety of subjects ( chakras, working with animals, cancer, power language etc- OR purchase the Updated Ancient Sounds book that contains most of the ebooks)
CD’s to use with their practice partners and/or clients
Skype Mentoring Sessions with Diane to review any materials, get questions answered and feedback.

Cost Breakdown for Non-Certification Option :
Workshop Edition ebook of Ancient Sounds for a New Age plus all workshops videos & handouts is $122. .Order individually in store under instructional media (link below)


Ebooks on specific topics are available individually ($ 3.99)OR in the UPDATED Ancient Sounds book which goes into more depth than the Workshop Edition ebbok ($22.95).

Four mentoring sessions at the discounted rate would be an additional $180 for a total of $302.

Cost for the instruments are not included.

For an individual breakdown of instructional materials listed above::

Contact me with questions at soundenergyhealing@gmail.com or 760-944-3441 ( Pacific Coast time)

Tibetan Bowl School
Encinitas, CA 92024